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https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/01/26/tuchel-joins-chelsea Tuchel joins Chelsea 26 Jan 2021 Thomas Tuchel has been appointed as the new Chelsea Head Coach. He moves to Stamford Bridge following a two-and-a-half year spell at French champions Paris Saint-Germain, which came to an end last month. 切爾西俱樂部任命托馬斯˙圖赫爾為球隊新任主教練。他在法甲冠軍巴黎聖日耳曼俱 樂部執教了兩年半,上個月結束巴黎生涯,如今來到了斯坦福橋。 https://i.imgur.com/HUWtJEQ.jpg
He will be the first German to manage Chelsea and arrives having guided PSG to four major honours and the Champions League final during his time in the French capital. 他將是第一位執教切爾西的德國教練,在法國執教期間,他帶領巴黎聖日耳曼贏得了 四項主要榮譽,並進入了歐冠決賽。 Prior to that, he spent seven seasons coaching in the Bundesliga, first with Mainz, where he led them to the Europa League, and then a successful period with Borussia Dortmund where he won the German Cup. 在此之前,他在德甲執教了七個賽季。先是在美因茨執教,帶領他們進入歐聯盃,然 後在多特蒙德成功執教,贏得了德國盃。 At Chelsea, he will be reunited with Christian Pulisic and Thiago Silva who he coached during his spells in Dortmund and Paris respectively. 在切爾西,圖赫爾將與普利西克和蒂亞戈˙席爾瓦重聚,他們分別是他在多特蒙德和 巴黎聖日耳曼執教時的球員。 https://i.imgur.com/ZclBBRs.jpg
The German will be reunited with Thiago Silva at Stamford Bridge Tuchel, who has signed an 18-month contract with the possibility of an extension, said: 'I would like to thank Chelsea FC for their confidence in me and my staff. 圖赫爾已經與切爾西簽了18個月的合同,雙方還有可能延長合同,他說:“我要感謝 切爾西俱樂部對我和我的教練組的信任。” 'We all have the greatest respect for Frank Lampard's work and the legacy he created at Chelsea. At the same time, I cannot wait to meet my new team and compete in the most exciting league in football. I am grateful to now be part of the Chelsea family - it feels amazing!' “我們都非常尊重蘭帕德的工作與他在切爾西創造的傳奇。與此同時,我迫不及待地 想見到我的新球隊,在最激動人心的足球聯賽中參與競爭。我很高興自己能成為切爾 西大家庭的一員,這感覺太棒了!” https://i.imgur.com/zixYzG4.jpg
Director Marina Granovskaia added: 'It is never easy to change Head Coach in the middle of the season but we are very happy to secure one of Europe's best coaches in Thomas Tuchel. There is still much to play for and much to achieve, this season and beyond. We welcome Thomas to the Club.' 總監瑪麗娜˙格拉諾夫斯卡婭補充道:“在賽季中期更換主教練並不容易,但我們很 高興能請到歐洲最好的教練之一托馬斯˙圖赫爾。在這個賽季和之後的時間裡,我們 還有很多事情要做,還有很多目標要達成,歡迎托馬斯加入我們。” Tuchel will take his first training session this evening and will be in the dugout for tomorrow's Premier League game against Wolves. 今晚圖赫爾將進行他的第一次訓練,明天率隊參加對陣狼隊的比賽。 https://i.imgur.com/BKcvzMz.jpg
https://www.chelseafc.com/zh/news/2021/01/26/tuchel-joins-chelsea --------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/01/27/tuchel-s-coaching-staff-confirmed Tuchel's coaching staff confirmed 27 Jan 2021 Three new members of staff are joining Chelsea as part of Thomas Tuchel's backroom team, two of whom will be in the dugout at tonight's match against Wolves. 三名新成員加入了圖赫爾的教練團隊,其中兩人在今晚對陣狼隊的比賽中將出現在教 練席上。 https://i.imgur.com/77RwiBZ.jpg
They are Zsolt Low and Arno Michels, who both worked with Tuchel previously, as has Benjamin Weber who is joining in a data analytics role. 他們分別是若爾特˙勒夫和阿諾˙米歇爾斯,他們都曾與圖赫爾共事,而即將加入數 據分析部門的本傑明˙韋伯也曾與他們一起共事。 Remaining as part of the coaching team are Joe Edwards and Anthony Barry and with them in the dugout as the goalkeeper coach will be Henrique Hilario, continuing in that position. 原教練團隊中留下的是喬˙愛德華茲和安東尼˙巴里,擔任門將教練的是恩裡克˙希 拉里奧,他繼續擔任這個職務。 The fitness coaches are Matt Birnie and Will Tullett with James Russell also coaching the goalkeepers. Adam Burrows is the strength and conditioning coach. 球隊的體能教練是梅特˙伯尼和威爾˙圖萊特,門將教練是詹姆士˙羅素。亞當˙布 倫斯是力量和體能教練。 Two of Frank Lampard's assistants, Jody Morris and Chris Jones, have left the club and we thank them for their service and wish them well. 蘭帕德的兩名助手莫里斯和瓊斯已經離開了俱樂部,我們感謝他們的貢獻,祝願他們 一切順利。 https://www.chelseafc.com/zh/news/2021/01/27/tuchel-s-coaching-staff-confirmed -- Hoddle: 'Matthew will be sitting up there looking down now and loving Chelsea being winners. He'll just love Chelsea winning.' -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Chelsea/M.1611684983.A.5FB.html
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